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Wear'd Aliens

Wear’d Aliens was established in 2019, inspired by the rediscovery of the Collingwood Collection, a family tune book tracing over 100 years of musical heritage in Weardale.

Cream Tees' newer, 'sister band', The Wear'd Aliens are led by professional tutors; Saul Rose (Faustus, Whapweasel, Eliza Carthy) and Rupert Philbrick (all round excellent arts facilitator).

Each term, the band work with visiting professional folk musicians, learning tunes, techniques, and developing ideas and arrangements together as a group. Working with touring musicians with a range of styles and repertoires to helps the young musicians to situate their own learning and playing within the wider context of the UK Folk Scene.

Whilst Wear’d Aliens are still in their relative infancy as a band, the group have already started to play some small gigs and performances. In the coming months, the band will be showcasing their music to new audiences locally and further afield!

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