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2024 Festival FAQ's

Where do I get tickets and how they work?

The easiest way to buy tickets is right here on the website. You’ll get an email receipt. When you get to Saltburn, come into the Festival Hub, show your this and swap it for a wristband. No need to print your email receipt as long as you’ve saved it on your phone. If you don’t want to pay by card on the website, email us and we’ll arrange for you to pay by cheque.

Weekend wristbands will get you into everything from Thursday night through to Sunday evening, subject to capacity at each venue. Day ticket wristbands work in exactly the same way but just for one day. There will be tickets for individual concerts too. For bigger venues, we’ll make a small allocation available in advance (via the website and/or the Festival Hub). More “on the door” tickets are available at venues from 10 minutes before performances start, if the venue hasn’t already filled up with weekend/day wristband wearers.  Don’t forget that there are also lots of free events too.


Tell me more about the Festival Hub

This is in the Community Hall, right in the heart of Saltburn. It’s a welcoming one stop shop for all things Festival-related. You can buy Souvenir Programmes and other festival merch, check out what’s happening where and when, and get advice on where to find a good pie and pint (or whatever else you seek in life). There’s a market featuring selected local traders and makers, hot drinks and snacks or a bar (depending on the time of day), and space to relax and meet up with other festival goers.


Is there a campsite?

The Festival Campsite is at Saltburn Learning Campus, Marske Mill Lane TS12 1HJ.  Plenty of spaces for tents on the field and motorhomes etc in the car park. 24 hour security, toilets, shower access each morning. Arrival from 4pm Thursday 10th August. Leave by 10 am Monday 14th August. With it being a school site, it’s strictly no smoking and no dogs, More details available here. There’s a council car park at Hob Hill, a mile outside Saltburn, free and open 24/7 (but unserviced). Overnight parking for motorhomes is available for a fee down by the sea at Cat Nab, with toilets and waste disposal. Email us if you need other options.


If I don’t fancy camping, where can I stay?

There are hotels, B&Bs and holiday lets in Saltburn itself. It’s a popular spot, so best to start booking as early as you can.  If you have a car, or don’t mind using buses and taxis, it’s worth a look at nearby towns (Redcar, Marske, Skelton, Brotton, Guisborough) and villages. We suggest you try the usual online sites, including Host and Stay who have a number of rental properties in and around Saltburn. That’s or phone 01287 658171.

How accessible are the venues?

We try to choose accessible venues as much as we can, even though Saltburn is a town famous for its Victorian heritage. The Festival Hub and main concert venues have wheelchair access as do most of the smaller ones.  The most significant exception is the Conservative Club, where the room we are using is upstairs and isn’t wheelchair accessible unfortunately. Just ask if you want more details about individual venues and we'll send an info sheet.


What about Medical Emergencies?

In any serious medical emergency, don’t hesitate to dial 999. Some of our stewards have first aid training and there are first aid kits in the Festival Office and main venues. Saltburn has defibrillators in several locations, including at or close to some of our venues.


Who do I tell if I lose someone or something or if I feel unsafe?

We want everyone at the festival to feel safe and among friends but should you have any concerns please speak to the nearest steward.  If you find lost property again, please hand it to a steward.  Found items will be kept at the Festival Office.  If there is a concern that a child or vulnerable adult has become separated from the responsible person they were with, this should be reported to stewards at any venue who will contact the Festival Office.


Where can I get Food and Drink in the Town?

We have a partnership with Three Brothers Brewing Company this year. They're running full service bars at our two biggest venues (Huntcliff School and Emmanuel Hall). There will be snacks and hot drinks on sale at certain times in the Festival Hub, with a bar open when there are concerts in the adjoining Community Theatre.  On Saturday and probably Sunday too, there’s a Food Court in the Station Portico area. Look out for the signs or track down the delicious smells! Other than this, Saltburn is incredibly well served with established restaurants, cafes, bars and food shops – it would be unfair to nominate favourites and you will receive a warm welcome everywhere.  Station Street, Dundas Street and Milton Street all have a good number of places to explore but if you’ve a little time to spare, take a wander down towards sea or the Valley Gardens and there are even more to be found.


Where are the Cash Points in Saltburn?

When we last checked, there were cash machines at Sainsbury's, Spar Shop on Windsor Road, and the Pier Amusements.


Where can I find the Memorial Bench?

This is located on Marine Parade facing the Anchor Garden, near the junction with what locals always refer to as Saltburn Bank – they pride themselves on being able to navigate it even in snowy weather!


Do your venues sell alcohol?

Yes, with the exception of the Scout Hut (nearest off licences to there are the Spar on Windsor Road and the convenience store on the corner of Milton Street and Ruby Street). There are licensed bars at all the other indoor venues and we have agreements with the venues or bar operators that alcohol purchased elsewhere will not be consumed in those venues. Please help us maintain good relations with our venues by following this policy.


I have a different question

Please email us and we’ll do our best to answer. If it’s a question others might ask, we’ll add the reply to this set of FAQS.

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