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Jo Feijo The Walls (1).jpg

The Walls Have Eyes

‘the walls have eyes but so do we, and we will use them to look out for each other’

“an urgent pressing and simple message for all eras” 

“beautiful, poignant and important work, a privilege to see”


Inspired by true stories of the Portuguese fascists dictatorship, ‘the walls have eyes’ is a family visual puppetry show about self expression, innocence, bravery and what it takes to create change. 

Set against a backdrop of surveillance and censorship, watch a young girl as she discovers the true scope of the dangers that surround her and finds freedom within community.

Written and performed by Jo Feijó, accompanied by the live folk of Frankie Insley, this show is an empowering watch for the whole family, reminding us of the importance of caring for one another through hard times and how only true inter dependance can allow for meaningful transformation.

Crated through the curious arts ‘seed commissions’ this show has been created with the support of Arts Council England, Salto Arts, Dance City, Middlesbrough Town Hall and Arc Stockton.


Run time: 30 mins / age recommendation: 8+

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