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Saltburn Smugglers

In the heart of Saltburn-by-the-Sea, where rugged cliffs meet the North Sea's whispers, the Saltburn Smugglers are rekindling a legacy. This modern shanty group, rooted in the local community, transforms tales from the town's smuggling heyday into vibrant, contemporary sea shanties. 

From the mid-1700s to the late 18th century, Saltburn was a smuggler's haven. Today, these tales of daring and adventure infuse the Smugglers' music, blending the old with an energetic new twist. Their performances are more than songs; they're a journey through time, connecting the past's thrilling escapades with today's spirited rhythms. 

Join the Saltburn Smugglers as they bring history to life, one shanty at a time. Their music isn't just a nod to the town's past; it's a living, breathing celebration of Saltburn's enduring spirit.

Formed in 2022 by Keith Ayling, The Saltburn Smugglers perform both traditional and original songs from the sea, always with a modern twist. 
Highly entertaining and utilising harmonies and occasional instruments, they will have you singing, smiling and maybe even dancing! (Suitable for all ages.)

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