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Cri du Canard

Cri du Canard are a French folk trio, currently based in the North of England.

With passion and experience coming out of their ears, these three highly regarded musicians throw themselves into their work, performing and leading workshops across the UK and EU with expertise, humour, and panache.

After properly establishing this band in 2021 - following a glorious summer's evening of music, dance, and food - Grace, Sam, and Dave warmly invite you to share in the joy of French and Breton music, dance the night away to these infectious, energy-infused grooves, or simply sit back and enjoy the hypnotic interplay of fiddle, flute and box.

Expect to be transported to the beating musical heart of France, with an experience as nourishing for the soul as a good bowl of boeuf bourguignon.


Pied gauche, à temps - Allez!

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