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Sam Baxter and Merle Harbron

Sam Baxter and Merle Harbron are an Anglo/Scottish duo creating dynamic, full-bodied arrangements of contemporary and traditional music. Using fiddle, drones and voice, the pair build vibrant musical landscapes, weaving together melodic lines inspired and improvised from traditional songs and dance music.


Merle Harbron is an independent composer, musician and singer with an extensive knowledge and experience of folk and traditional music. Born in the North East of England and hailing from the West Highlands of Scotland, Merle has married an array of musical styles in her work - including Irish, Scandinavian and Eastern European folk. Other influences include Contemporary Classical and early music- tailoring a unique composition style and rich flavour ideal for soundtracking fantasy and historical media. 


Sam Baxter is an interpreter, arranger, and performer of traditional music. Skilfully blending electric/acoustic guitars, drones, and fiddle, he creates deeply personal performances filled with warmth and emotion. Through his music, he explores stories of love and loss, queer narratives, songs of industry, nature and social injustice. Originally from the North West, but now based in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, Sam is gaining a reputation for his work with traditional and contemporary folk music. In 2022 he was included in's Article ‘Young Folk Musicians you Need to Hear’, and in 2018 he was the winner of Bromyard Folk Festivals ‘Future of Folk’ competition.


Two highly-skilled musicians, Sam Baxter and Merle Harbron create intimate performances that in an instance can pivot from reflective and nuanced to driving and energetic.  Together, they are a force of nature; captivating audiences with their infectious interplay and magnetic musical spirit.

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