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Shanty and Sea Song Concert

Saltburn Folk Festival are proud to present a concert of shanties and sea song, featuring: 


A modern shanty group of raucous musical rabble rousers from Saltburn by the Sea. Formed in 2022 by Keith Ayling, The Saltburn Smugglers perform both traditional and original songs from the sea, always with a modern twist.

Highly entertaining and utilising harmonies and occasional instruments, they will have you singing, smiling and maybe even dancing! (Suitable for all ages.)


The female harmony group ‘Patchwork' from the North York Moors was formed in 2015. Their newest recruit is Alix Lillie, and other members are Barbara Anderson, Trish Hill and Nicola Chalton. All share a passion for singing in close harmony and developing fresh arrangements oftraditional and new folk music. Songs are sung both a cappella and accompanied, instruments including flute, whistle, concertina, fiddle, keyboard and percussion. Their repertoire is wide-ranging in style and subject matter, from songs of the sea, dramatic tales from folklore, to nature, rural and working life, and issues keenly felt.

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