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Newcastle University Folk Degree

We are thrilled to be collaborating with Newcastle University and their BA in Folk and Traditional Music (colloquially known as 'The Folk Degree'). Five artists/bands who are currently studying on the programme will be performing over the course of the festival displaying the breadth of new talent which is about to emerge onto the scene!

For more information on the Folk Degree and the great work that Newcastle University are doing, go to

The Hop are an exciting new trio currently studying on the folk degree at Newcastle University. After meeting in the National Youth Folk Ensemble, they developed an impulsive approach to collaborative composition which has led to a plethora of original tunes. Their instrumental versatility allows the band to explore a wide soundscape that maintains their traditional roots with an innovative flair. 

Twin brothers Forbes and Angus Wilson, and George Glyn-Jones are young musicians who play traditional and contemporary Scottish and Irish tunes and their own Celtic inspired compositions. Their blend of whistles, wooden flute, Highland Pipes, melodeon, and a plethora of stringed instruments, including cittern and guitar, are complimented by creative use of djembe and bodhran.

Charly Curry Brown is a fiddle player, clog dancer, and singer from Northumberland. Currently studying Folk and Traditional Music at Newcastle University, she specialises in Northumbrian fiddle music, whilst also exploring traditions from further afield, in particular Shetland fiddle music. Having participated in the Feis Rois Ceilidh Trail between 2020-2022, she also explores Scottish traditional music and Gaelic song in her work. Influenced by both old Northumbrian tradition bearers and contemporary musicians, her music combines traditional and composed songs and tunes.

Auburn are a duo formed of Emma Doenges and Chiara Imbalzano Hilton, both currently on the Newcastle University Folk and traditional Music degree, where they have been able to share and combine their musical interests and strengths over the past year.

With an instrumentation of primarily fiddle, acoustic guitar and voice, (with occasional bodhrán and 5-string banjo) they have created a distinctive sound characterised by rich fiddle lines, intricate guitar picking and techniques inspired by their mixed musical backgrounds which include classical, folk, and self taught. 

Presenting a variety of relaxed and upbeat sets, and using both traditional and original repertoire, the duo create unique arrangements provoking a mixture of moods from dark to light.

Want For the Sun are a quartet of folk musicians currently studying at Newcastle University. They play collections of dance tunes and song from across Europe and beyond with an unusual mixture of flute clarinet guitar and bass.

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