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Volunteering for the festival

Our festival is run by volunteers so we are always seeking new team members to keep our festival the place we love. 

Roles vary – everything from all year round help manage our website and social media to selling programmes and collecting donations, running information points, stewarding venues, production runners, tech support and photography to the less-than-glamorous but vital task of litter-picking … the list goes on! Shifts are on average about four hours, but you’re of course welcome to join us for more.

Please note: under 18s can only volunteer to support a parent/carer on any specific shift due to safeguarding requirements. While the majority of volunteer roles fall during the festival weekend some assistance is needed in the run up to the festival and days after.

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Sponsor the festival

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From materials sponsorship to adopting Morris team. xxxxxxx

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Volunteer with Saltburn Folk Festival

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