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Catch the Sparrow

In 2020, Dutch singer-songwriter Catch The Sparrow moved countries in the middle of a global pandemic to pursue her love for folk and traditional music in Newcastle upon Tyne. Over the past two years she has built up a repertoire of delicate yet intricate songs that showcase a deep understanding of the traditional material she takes inspiration from. On her latest EP ‘Winter Flowers’ (released December 2022), a personal exploration of the music and history of Newcastle and the North East, sparse arrangements for piano, harp and cello let her powerful vocals and original songwriting take centre stage. 

This year, Catch the Sparrow returns in a duo with Sam Baxter, a fantastic multi-instrumentalist and singer.


"...the mark of good folk music has always been linked to communicating the most while doing the least, never overstating or embellishing, yet weaving a tapestry where every thread fits perfectly. Farewell - Here's The Tender Coming captures that with ease, encapsulating the heart of the genre in a way that's imbued with heart." - NARC Magazine

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