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Brierdene are a Newcastle-based group of young musicians who have grown up playing together, meeting at the Sage Gateshead in youth folk ensembles and then progressing into the EFDSS’s National Youth Folk Ensemble. All multi-instrumentalists, the band consists of a 4 piece blend of fiddle, viola, flute, guitar, piano accordion, melodeon and piano. Through these means, they bring their own character, distinctiveness and enthusiasm to live performances.

All hailing from the North East of England,  Brierdene have been surrounded by its rich musical history their whole lives. Performing both their own compositions and traditional material, the influence of Northumbrian folk fuses with the close-knit Celtic traditions of Scotland and Ireland and, further afield, music of Scandinavia and the French Breton - creating the fresh sound full of youthful spirit and powerful force that is Brierdene.

Acclaimed performer Kathryn Tickell adds: "Full of exciting arrangements and rock-solid musicianship… don’t miss these fantastic young musicians at the start of their careers!"

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