Ironopolis Singers

The Ironopolis Singers were set up by Graeme Miles and Kevin Hall specifically to sing and to promote Graeme’s songs. The current line-up is Sue Collier Ivocals), Ken Hall (narrator, vocals), Kevin Hall (MC, vocals), Marion Hall (vocals), Paul Lucas (vocals, guitar), Ailsa MacKenzie (vocals, harp) and Alan Young (vocals, dulcimer, concertina). The Ironopolis Singers bring you “They Bunged Us in Khaki”. This show of songs by Graeme Miles, interspersed with prose, relates Graeme’s experiences during his National Service, a form of conscription into the British Army. Graeme wrote a series of songs, roughly 25, about his time in the army and about conflicts following his “demob” in 1957 such as the “Troubles” of Northern Ireland.