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Alan Rose and Lynda Hardcastle

Lynda and Alan met in the autumn of 1974, and began singing together almost immediately. They were members of The Mountain Ash Band, making a folk-rock album called “The Hermit” in 1975. In the early 1990s Lynda began singing with with Maggie Boyle and Helen Hockenhull as the much-loved vocal trio Grace Notes. Grace Notes ceased to be in November 2014 following Maggie's untimely and tragic passing.

Alan, meanwhile, played guitar and sang American Old-time with The Sensible Shoestring Band, sang acapella harmony with Inpo, and played for dancing with the Buttered Peas Ceilidh Band.

After nearly 50 years of singing together, Lynda and Alan can see no reason to stop now. As ever, their material consists of a mixture of traditional and contemporary songs, sometimes with guitar accompaniment, and mostly with vocal harmony.

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